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Impairment escorting

Impairment Escorting with ALFEMA Care

If you due to functional disabilities or other reasons needs assistance and help with for example walking, visiting family and friends, partaking in activities or going on holiday then Impairment escorting may be the alternative you are looking for.

This also applies when you want to partake in public cultural, club activities or maybe do sports? Impairment escorting is a personal service that always should be tailored to your needs. The main aim is that you shall get better quality of life through new experiences. Escorting can be granted as an ongoing effort or for a few hours from time to time. It can also be granted at special occasions, such as assistance with travelling or trips.

We at Alfema Care will ofcourse help you apply if you want to. With us you can feel safe! Do you use wheelchair, need visual interpreting or maybe have a hearing disability? Regardless your disability or your needs we see to it that your escort has the training needed.

Do you speak a different language or need someone who knows braille? We employ personel with many different linguistic skills.

Give us a call and we will be glad to answer any questions about the details!


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