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Personal Assistance

Personal assistance

Who can receive Personal assistance?

This service can be offered a person who has a difficult and lasting disability and who needs help with the everyday basic needs. Assistance can include help with personal hygiene, preparation of meals, dressing and communication etc. The law that regulates this is called LSS (Act concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments). You can qualify for measures if you fill one of the three criterias below.

Criteria for assistance
1. Intellectual disabilities, autism or persons who have a condition resembling autism
2. Persons who have considerable and permanent mental impairment following brain damage sustained as an adult, as a result of external force or physical illness.
3. Persons who have some other lasting physical or mental impairment that is clearly not due to normal aging, if such impairments are substantial and cause considerable difficulties in daily life and consequently, an extensive need for support and service.

You can not apply for personal assistance if you are 65 years old but if you have been granted assistance prior to 65, then you have the right to keep it. A local authority administrator will review your case and decide the extent of your assistance. When and if you are entitled to personal assistance then you can decide who will manage your assistance.